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About Meant2Move

The real key to fitness is more about a lifestyle and a mindset rather than about some strict dietary or workout regimen, negative body talk, or depriving yourself of things you love. Traditionally the fitness industry has maximized its profits by providing short-term programs for short-term results. People usually have the mindset that they need to lose weight in order to be healthier. Our Holistic fitness method takes a progressive approach to become healthier and attain long-term fitness results as a direct side effect.

Our Fitness Experts

Our Team of Experienced and Certified Trainers Understand the Human Body and its Movements, so we can Properly modify Fitness Programming Around Your Individual Needs. All Personal Training Sessions are Actively Guided to Ensure Proper Form, Safety, Tempo, Consistency, and Motivation!

Functional Fitness

Traditional Fitness Training Consists Of Isolated Exercises That Don’t Challenge The Body To Work Synergistically Through Multiple Planes of Motion. Our Functional Fitness programs are all individually designed for your overall health and well-being, whilst helping you look and feel great! Perfect For improving your muscle tone, balance, posture, muscle strength, and flexibility, these workouts have the added benefit of making your day-to-day routine easier! So can functional training help you lose weight? Rather than exposing your body to the stresses and strains of heavy weightlifting and intense cardio, functional training is designed to make your body stronger and more efficient with an increased metabolic rate. Research has proven that bodies that are able to move more freely burn off calories more effectively helping to drop pounds long-term.

Nutritional Guidance

Yo-Yo Dieting, “Magic Pill” Or Insane Workout Routines Are Designed To Break You Down. There Is A Better Way, And We’d Like To Share It With You. Eliminating Entire Food Groups, Not Eating At All (Fasting), Or Eating Extremely Low Calories While Exercising At High Intensities Frequently Are Completely Short-Sighted When It Comes To Maintaining Your Health And Results. They Will Indeed Result In Some Temporary Weight Loss. However, Hundreds Of Studies Have Shown That Only 5% Of Dieters Are Able To Keep The Weight From Coming Back. It Is These Types Of Approaches That Are Primarily To Blame For This Sky-High Failure Rate. A 95% Failure Rate Means That Something Is Inherently Wrong With These Programs. Our Nutritional Guidance Is Based On Teaching And Creating Healthier Habits Based On Your Lifestyle.

Stretching and Flexibility

We incorporate stretching, foam rolling and breathing techniques into our training sessions to help improve flexibility, muscle relaxation, sleep quality, and significantly reduce many forms of body pain.


Our Holistic Approach Accommodates the Synergistic Effects of Functional Exercise, Balanced Nutrition, and Flexibility to Provide the Best Fitness & Wellness Experience. Build Confidence, Strength, and Longevity with Meant2Move.

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