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The Real Key To Fitness Is More About A Lifestyle And A Mindset Rather Than About Some Strict Dietary Or Workout Regimen, Negative Body Talk, Or Depriving Yourself Of Things You Love. Traditionally The Fitness Industry Has Maximized Its Profits By Providing Short-Term Programs For Short-Term Results. People Usually Have The Mindset That They Need To Lose Weight In Order To Be Healthier. Our Holistic Fitness Method Takes A Progressive Approach To Become Healthier And Attain Long-Term Fitness Results As A Direct Side Effect. Schedule Your Assessment And Trial Sessions Today!

​Our Holistic Approach Accommodates the Synergistic Effects of Functional Exercise, Balanced Nutrition, and Flexibility to Provide the Best Fitness & Wellness Experience. Build Confidence, Strength, and Longevity with Meant2Move.

“Years of experience in fitness has led me to a fitness training style that goes beyond great workouts and great results. Many traditional trainers use isolated bodybuilding techniques and difficult diet plans. Neither of these methods optimize the great benefits that come from fitness. Our holistic approach has proven to optimize fitness results in a way that truly improves health and Longevity.”

- Spencer Richardson
Owner Meant 2 Move

Google Reviews and Testimonials

Mary Ann Crooker

I am not a person that enjoys working out and throughout the years, I would start and then stop., however, I felt I had to regain some strength. I met Tamika and decided it was time. I have now been working out with her for about 3 1/2 weeks and feel better already…..much stronger and healthier. It is enjoyable and the best fitness experience I have had. I really cannot say enough good things about Meant2Move and would highly recommend it.

Andria Andreoulakis

I’ve been workout in big gyms for a long time and have never had results like this. I’m stronger, toner and overall more fit. Spencer at Meant2move is absolutely an amazing trainer. He listens to what my needs are and builds a program to help me. I find myself adding more days of training because it’s so much fun working out! Thank you Spencer and staff for your Professionalism and beautiful fitness studio!


Highly recommend! Tamica and Spencer are fantastic, realistic and very experienced. My son and I started working out with them 4 weeks ago. We both feel and see the difference. Learning about proper form and movement has recently helped me complete an obstacle course and achieve a new personal record. The tailoring of the workouts for our specific needs & goals will be a great benefit for sports specific movements for my son as well!

Bridgette Janik

As a person who has had many personal trainers and belonged to several health clubs, Meant2Move has been a unique experience for me. Spencer has been a huge asset in helping me meet my fitness goals using functional training, a training I have never done before. He is teaching me how to use my body with everyday movements to achieve my fitness goals. I would highly recommend this fitness studio to anyone looking to get in shape, in a personal, private setting.

Amber Mauro

As I graduated college, I realized I needed a lifestyle change. I was unhappy, unhealthy, and was never satisfied with myself overall. This is when I started to familiarize myself with the fitness world and it honestly has changed my life forever. In the beginning, I started out on my own, trying to learn new things between the right and wrong things to eat and different kind of exercises to lose body fat the fastest. It wasn’t until I met Spencer, that I was able to fully understand the mechanics of everything your body needs to be fit and healthy. I didn’t need to change everything the fastest, I needed to change it as a whole for my life in general. Spencer was able to give me tips on diet, nutrition, proper form for working out, how to go from fat to thin to now muscular, with the mindset to always better myself. He motivated me and gave me a helping hand when needed. Yes, sometimes I hated him and yelled at him at the top of my lungs for making me do another rep, but in the long run, he has changed my life for the better. Although he is not my personal trainer anymore, he is still a friend and cares about his clients and is still there for you, if you still need helpful tips after your training program has ended. Spencer has taught me a lot of helpful information in the one year I had personal training, that I cannot necessarily learn just from watching YouTube videos or reading articles online. He is definitely someone you want to get to know, so he can help you change your life as well.

Dionne Fleming

Spencer is one of the best trainers I’ve ever met. His workouts are always different, challenging and fun. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. I love learning new exercises and seeing the results – I really feel a huge difference in the way I look!

Lynette Newhouse

I like to think of myself aging gracefully but then I have to consider balance flexibility and stamina. I started with Spencer at Meant2Move approximately one month ago and I am already feeling the difference. I’ve visited my doctor this morning and she was amazed how I looked from my last visit in March. I can’t say enough about the Meant2Move studio. Spencer gives you such a personal touch in training and teaches you along the way not only about working out your body but also what you put in your body. This functional training is so important to me as I get older to prevent loss of muscle and balance. I am even learning a new way to get out of a chair and move. Love love love this training with Spencer at Meant2Move!!!!!!!

Philip F

I’m over 50 and have had an elbow surgery and two knee surgeries. The exercises that worked in my teen years were causing too much discomfort and some of them I simply could no longer do. I recently stumbled upon one of Spencer’s brochures highlighting his approach to fitness and made an appointment. It was a great experience and I am a more than satisfied client. Spencer takes the time to educate his clients about body mechanics and proper exercise form. He explains the purpose of each exercise and always demonstrates them before I try them. If there is an exercise that I cannot do simply from the aging process or prior injuries, he offers an alternate exercise I can do resulting in a full body workout at every appointment. Bottom line: If you want one-on-one training geared to your personal goals, Meant2Move is the place to go. No crowds, no waiting, no stress. Philip F. Naples Florida



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